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How to Prepare

Please make sure to have the proper space cleared for your session. We will need a cleared 6 x 8 area.

It is important to practice good hygiene when receiving massage and shower before your appointment. Not only does it help eliminate germs and bacteria but it is a wonderful way to unwind, relax and cleanse the body and mind before receiving bodywork. 

If you are having allergies keep something close by to sneeze into, such as: Hand towel, tissues or mask.

Have a blanket available for your session in case you get cold.

Please have hand soap in your bathroom for both you and your therapist to wash your hands.


Feel free to set your own ideal ambiance with lighting and/or candles, or weather permitting we can setup outside. 


If you have pets or kids you may want to arrange a place for them, away from your tranquil area to optimize your relaxation.

Do not book a massage if you are sick or are experiencing symptoms of illness.

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