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Thanks to these feet.

Self-care can be challenging when you battle clinical depression. Now throw in the hormonal ups and downs of turning 50 and it gets REALLY fun!

I've spent many years trying to perfect the art of lifting others up with positive words and loving support, but it's much different with myself. I've always had issues with body image, which led to a toxic relationship with an eating disorder as a teenager that allowed the "love-hate"connection with my body to linger... and still it rises up from time to time.

I've read that writing an open letter of apology to your body is a great exercise to acknowledge and change these behaviors. I'm not quite there yet. But I will start with a simple thank you to these feet. :)

Dear Feet,

Thank you for carrying my ass out the door today for a forced run. Thank you for helping me edge out that little endorphin boost to get me through the day. Thank you for reminding me that you're always there for me to land on.

Love, me.


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