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Full Moon

Empowered Intentions

Full Moon Retreat

January 25-27, 2024

Get Empowered under the Full Moon
I invite you to step away and unplug from the distractions, chaos and turmoil in our world, and connect with your true intentions.
If you're ready to set your intentions for the new year with peace and love in your heart, ignite your manifesting power and connect with your highest self, then let this be a sign. This fun and inspiring journey of self-discovery and transformation is your personal invitation to co-create the life you desire.

It's time. 

Join me in beautiful Austin, Texas for the:

The Empowered Intentions Mini-Retreat

January 25th - 27th, 2024

I've chosen the first full moon of 2024, because I LOVE embracing the power of the full moon and holding that space with my intentions in mind.

It always leaves me feeling inspired, motivated, and empowered.

I can't wait to share this experience with you, along with a 2-night and 2-day adventure into profound self-discovery. This retreat is designed for you to be fully present, away from distractions, and completely focused on YOU.

Fire  Ritual
Yoga Class
Cozy Winter Cabin

What Awaits You

My intention with this retreat is to remind you of your own power, and what can happen when you trust your own divinely guided intuition.  Magic! 

✨ Inner Alignment

Explore meditation, self-awareness, and holistic wellness to ensure your mind, body, and spirit are aligned for success.

✨ Breathwork & Yoga

Learn new practices that will help you turn your breath into a powerful tool.

✨ Nature and Renewal

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of our retreat location, providing the perfect backdrop for your personal renewal.

 ✨ Full Moon Magic

Experience the transformative energy of the full moon, known for its ability to amplify intentions and desires.


Setting Intentions

Learn the art of setting clear and powerful intentions for the upcoming year, and amplify your results.



Are you ready to increase your self-awareness, connect with your intuition, trust your inner voice, and confidently move forward with a renewed sense of purpose?

The feeling of connection with a group of like-minded individuals who share the vision of creating a life of inspiration and wild success will leave you feeling strong, seen, and valued.

You will undoubtedly feel transformation, and leave with a powerful toolkit for continued personal growth, including practices and resources to support your journey throughout the year.

This retreat is timed to coincide with the first full moon of 2024, making it magical, fun, and the ideal moment to set intentions and manifest your desires. 

Since this is my introductory event, you will be a part of my beta audience at a reduced rate, making this an exceptional value! 

Your Host

Patti Justice, BA, LMT

I am a creative professional with a BA in visual art and a Licensed Massage Therapist. I combine my love of art and helping others into a creative form of bodywork.  I have been in the healing arts for 20 years.

My mission is to help others find their inner voice, follow their intuition, and feel confident and empowered to live their best life with a balanced body, mind, and spirit.

I am passionate about self-development and growth. As I evolve, I invite you to come with me on your own journey of self-discovery and expansion.

Special Guest

Kellie Pierce

Kellie is an aspiring kundalini yoga teacher. 🧘


She has spent over 10 years practicing various types of yoga and is well into the journey of her 200-hour Kundalini yoga teacher certification.


Kundalini yoga is a form of yoga that involves chanting, breathing exercises, meditation, and yoga poses. There is a focus on moving energy throughout the body for overall health and relaxation. 


The Location

The retreat is set in a quiet neighborhood in northwest Austin, Texas.

The space has different room types and bed sizes to choose from, a beautiful gathering space and dining area for our activities, and a cozy hut tub for relaxation.

We will take "glamping" to a whole new level.

Let's Go!

Don't let another year pass by without giving yourself the gift of self-renewal.

Join me for my first retreat, Empowered Intentions and focus your mindset, unleash your full potential, and step into a new reality of limitless possibilities!

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